The NQ Hemp Wide Bay Regional Project wishes to raise $30million to facilitate future operations.

After several years of lobbying both State and Federal Governments to give approval for this sustainable and beneficial crop to be allowed to grow in Australia, we now have the legislation in place to grow and consume the benefits of hemp products, both for food, Bio Fuel and also the many other Cottage Industries that will be established from the Hemp plant.

Our growing area on the Wide Bay Region Queensland will be estimated to be some 10,000 hectares. This can be achieved over a 5 year period.


The Hemp Industry in the Wide Bay Region will create employment and training for many locals which will lead to sustainability and the creation of many jobs.

Our initial planting will commence in February 2020. This initial planting will be 200 hectares and will build up over a 4 to 6 year time span to achieve the cultivation target of some 10,000 hectares.

The opportunity is now available to be a part of this new industry, and we welcome your investment. We wish to raise $3m from early investors for this project.

Wide Bay (NQ Hemp) a division of North Queensland Hemp (NQ Hemp) will be etablishing a Co-operative to be know as the Wide Bay Hemp Co-op (WBH Co-op).

Farmers that wish to grow Hemp as part of their crops will have the opportunity to join the Wide Bay Hemp Co-op. The Wide Bay Hemp Co-op will be raising $30m for the production facilities, which will be based in Maryborough Qld.

Our initial raising of funds will be to establish a pilot production facility and settle the land aquistion for the full production plant in Maryborough. This required amount is $5m.

The Wide Bay Hemp Co-operative will have in place all the necessary licenses and government approvals to operate the production facility.

Each Hemp farmer will also need to be licensed to grow the crop on their land and have Organic Certification.

The Wide Bay Hemp Co-operative will be aligning with an International Company who has 20 years experience in the Hemp Industry. This Company will be the supplier and adviser on the installation and commissioning of the production equipment supplied to the facility.

This is estimated to be at a cost with harvesting equipment and infrastructure to house the facility of an estimated $30 million.

This factory will process 40,000 metric ton of the hemp plant bio-mass per year (Decortication Line).

It is estimated 1000 kg (1 metric ton) of Hemp seed will be produced per hectare. The Harvesting equipment will be supplied by John Deere, with modifications. 

This production facility for the manufacture of hemp products will be located at the Industrial Estate in Maryborough, which is in close proximity to the growing areas in the Wide Bay Region.

Conergy has been requested to run some initial costings for a solar delivery system to facilitate the production plants future energy requirements.

BioCube will partner the project with the supply of the bio fuel separation equipment both fixed and mobile.

Agreements will be in place for the buyout of all bio fuel produced, the farmers will have first right to retain up to 40% of fuel produced on their land at a set price to be negotiated.

The Wide Bay Hemp Co-op will be using Bio-fuel produced from the project in all the harvesting machinery used. This will make the project self sustainable and non dependent.

Our Hemp seed will be packaged at our facility in Maryborough and sold World wide. Our fiber division will process material for the manufacture of Hemp sheets and towels for hospitals.

Fabric made from Hemp has been shown to be naturally resistant to Bacteria and able to kill strains of Staph on its surface.

 If you would like to be a part of this future industry and discuss this opportunity further contact.

Russell Cousins

Operations Manager

NQ Hemp

Mobile: 0410 780 238

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.